Confined Space Entry Training – Level I (1 Day)

Length: 8 Hours

Permit-Required Confined Space EntryThis course is designed to enable students to recognize, evaluate, control, and abate safety and health hazards associated with permit-required confined space entry. The course focuses on the specific requirements of 29 CFR 1910.146 (a) through (l). Each paragraph of the standard is discussed with references to the OSHA directive, letters of interpretation, and preamble rationale. Technical topics include the recognition of confined space hazards, basic information about instrumentation used to evaluate atmospheric hazards, and general permit space ventilation techniques. This course features a workshop on confined space entry and confined space simulation and retrieval equipment use. Participants receive copies of all course materials.


All employees who would be entrants, attendants, and/or supervisors of entrants into permit- required confined spaces, as well as managers of those employees.

Regulation: 29 CFR 1910.146(c)

Permit-required confined spaces (PRCS) are found throughout industry. Furnaces, vaults, tanks, sewers, and countless other types of workspaces are confined spaces according to OSHA. Employees enter these spaces on a regular basis to perform various activities. If you enter a permit-required confined space in the course of your work, you must be properly trained to ensure your own safety and the safety of your co-workers. Our course will thoroughly educate on the dangers of a confined space, as well as educate on what to do if conditions change while you’re working in a permit-required confined space, or if an emergency situation arises.

Course Objectives: (Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to):

  • Define terms specific to permit-required confined space operations.
  • Identify current standards governing permit-required confined space entry procedures Describe hazards associated with permit spaces.
  • Demonstrate the proper operation of certain testing instruments and explain their limitations.
  • Describe appropriate ventilation, personal protective equipment, and emergency procedures that are necessary for entry into permit spaces.
  • Describe the purpose of the Permit-Required Confined Spaces Standard and employer responsibilities under the Standard.
  • Be able to identify industries and businesses covered by the Permit-Required Confined Spaces Standard and discuss hazards that may be there.
  • Classify confined spaces using information provided to you.


This course covers OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.146. There are over 1.6 million general industry workers who enter confined spaces annually. Confined spaces include tunnels, sewers, boilers and other spaces adequate in size and configuration for employee entry, with limited means of egress, and not designed for continuous employee occupancy. The course addresses the hazards of confined spaces and methods of controlling them. Highlights include enactment training and demonstrations of protective and rescue equipment.

Permit-Required Confined Space EntryCourse Outline:

  • Permit space hazards Entry procedures Ventilation requirements
  • Personal protective equipment Permit system
  • Permit-Required Confined Spaces

Topics include:

  • Roles And Responsibilities (1 hour)
  • Characteristics And Hazards Of Permit Spaces (1 hour)
  • Requirements Of OSHA’s Regulations (1 hour)
  • Gas Monitors And Respirators (1 hour)
  • Entry Procedures (1 hour)
  • Rescue And Emergency Services (.5 hour)
  • Conducting Training (2.5 hours)