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5750 N. Pecos St
Denver, CO 80221
Phone number: (303) 286-7135
Toll Free: (800) 748-2478
Fax number: (303) 287-6175
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5750 N. Pecos St
Denver, CO 80221
Phone number: (303) 286-8421
Toll Free: (866) 632-7233
Fax number: (303) 287-6175
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Services ESP/OfficeSafe® Provides

On-time Delivery

Any in-stock order placed before 12:00 noon will be shipped that day via commercial freight.


We can provide an extensive user-friendly catalog including an online catalog with ordering capability in a secure e-commerce environment.


We will quote you prices on the phone, via fax or in a formal bid for a large order. Contract pricing is also available.

Large Inventory

ESP/OfficeSafe® quality service is enhanced by our large selection of items. If your purchasing needs require frequent ordering of a particular item, we can arrange to stock that item for you.

Seminars, Reviews, and Technical Assistance

We at ESP/OfficeSafe® believe that when it comes to ergonomic issues, education is a continuing process. The resources that we provide our clients include

Information on how to obtain printed government (OSHA, NIOSH, ANSI, etc.) and manufacturer’s literature;
Training video’s (must be purchased);
Seminars and open houses dealing with subjects such as office ergonomics, ergonomic assessment, accessories selection, etc.
Free technical assistance from manufacturer and factory representatives on a non-consulting basis or referrals to our professional consultants;
On-site evaluation and training on handling potential hazards with manufacturer and factory-trained representatives (non-consultative). These may include, but are not limited to, hands-on training with equipment and ergonomics training.

Custom Products/Orders

If you have special requirements, ESP/OfficeSafe® can customize or assemble products to meet your needs. Special orders must be confirmed by fax or e-mail before processing. U.S. shipping charges and applicable sales tax.