First Aid and CPR with AED Training – Includes Bloodborne Pathogens (1 Day)

Length: 9 Hours

American Heart AssociationOSHA requires employers to provide a safe and healthy workplace that is reasonably free of occupational hazards. However, accidents do happen. Therefore, employers are also required to provide medical and first aid personnel and supplies proportional to the hazards of the workplace. This 9-hour course teaches basic first aid techniques for employees and managers in any workplace. Upon successful completion of this course you will receiver your American Heart Association card. This is a two-year certification and the book fee is included in the price of the course.

Regulation: 29 CFR 1910.151 Subpart K

Employees who may respond to emergencies any employee interested in creating a safer workplace.

Course Objectives
To ensure competency of employees in immediate first aid and CPR using the American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR and First Aid instructional programs.

Course Topics
First Aid/CPR (American Heart Association Heartsaver Program)This course teaches skills and concepts necessary to recognize when an emergency has occurred and take emergency action steps.

  • Choose the best treatment for injuries such as bleeding, shock and burns (2-hours)
  • List the correct First Aid procedures for fractures and sprains, chest, head, and eye injuries (1-hour)
  • Identify the signs of poisoning, stings, bites, or allergic reactions and give treatment (.5-hours)
  • Implement Universal Precautions to protect yourself and others from infectious diseases associated with bodily fluids (.5-hours)
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and AED use (5-hours)