Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer equipment rental at each location?

Yes, we offer equipment rentals at our Denver, Pueblo & New Mexico location.

Do you ship or deliver rental equipment?

Yes, however, the shipping and/or delivery of the rental equipment is at the customer’s expense. Typically our rental equipment is picked up at one of our locations.

What is needed from a customer to rent a product from ESP?

A credit card is needed to do an authorization if you do not have an account with us. A signed Rental Agreement is needed to be in place for each rental regardless if you have an account with us or not. To establish an account you will need to apply for an account by completing a Credit Application.

Do you have a full list of what you rent?

You can view a full list of our rentals at the following page:
View Rentals


What kind of equipment do you repair?

Gas Detection (Fixed & Portable), Fall Protection, Respiratory (SCBA & Airline), Streamlight Flashlight (Authorized Repair Center), and more.

What kind of equipment do you offer on-site maintenance on?

Fixed Gas Detection (Gas Monitors fixed to walls), calibrate it. SCBA / respirators (flow test, fill cylinders, etc.), and more.

How long does it usually take to get repair service?

As soon as 1 business day and typically within a week. Repair service completion times depend on scheduling, location, and scope of work.

How far out do you service? What is your travel area?

We are able to offer service anywhere nationwide. Travel charges apply.

Are repairs offered on-site at all locations if equipment is brought in?

Yes, if customers bring their equipment to us, we offer repairs on site.


Is training offered at all locations?

Yes, our Denver location has the on-site classroom and simulators – confined spaces, oil training rig, heights, rebar wall, big scaffolding set up.

New Mexico has on-site classrooms.

Pueblo does training at the customer’s location.