3M™ Ammonia/Methylamine Cartridge & P100 Filter 60924

  • NIOSH Approved Green/Magenta For Ammonia/Methylamine And Particulates
  • Bayonet Design For Great View, Comfort, And Balance
  • Combination Filter For Triple Respiratory Protection
  • Compatible With 3M™ Half And Full Face Masks
  • Protection In A Variety Of Work Environments

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3M™ respiratory filter cartridge for protection against ammonia, methylamine and particulates.

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The 3M™ ammonia and methylamine cartridge and P100 filter 60924 makes sure each breath you take on the job is a safe one. This respirator filtration combo extends an ammonia and methylamine cartridge to include a permanent particulate filter. So, you know you are getting the best protection from both fumes and airborne particles.

This filter cartridge is useful in industries ranging from agriculture to chemical manufacturing. The 60924 respirator cartridge is NIOSH approved to protect your airways from damage and discomfort. The bayonet design keeps your viewing area clear, your comfort high and your face piece balanced.

Both properly fitted half face (for 10 times PEL) an full face (for 50 times PEL) respirator masks are compatible with this ammonia, methylamine, and particulate cartridge. You can use 3M™ 6000, 7000 and FF-400 series respirators all with the same cartridges. This saves your inventory and time.

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Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 11.6 x 7.9 x 4.4 in

Green, Magenta, Magenta / Green


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Particulate Contaminants/Ammonia Methylamine

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