3M™ Organic Vapor Cartridge 6001

  • NIOSH Approved Black Organic Vapor Cartridge
  • Easy And Comfortable To Use
  • Protection Against Certain Organic Fumes
  • 3M™ Half And Full Facepiece Compatibility
  • Useful In A Wide Range Of Applications

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3M™ respiratory filter cartridge for protection against certain organic vapors.

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The 3M™ organic vapor cartridge 6001 will make sure every breath you take is a breath of fresh air. Don’t let dangerous gases, solvents, or fumes get in the way of your work. In environments where organic vapors threaten your respiratory health, these cartridges are an easy way to protect yourself.

If your next project has you working in a hard to ventilate area, there’s no need to take a risk with your health. These NIOSH-approved respirator cartridges protect you from hazards like paint fumes and thinners, fuel gases, and turpentine. They also help you avoid the discomfort or headaches associated with smelly jobs.

In addition to respiratory protection, the organic vapor cartridge 6001 has added many-saving benefits. They can be used with both your existing half (10 times PEL) and full facepiece (50 times PEL) respirators including 6000, 7000 and FF-400 series masks (with bayonet filter holders). This saves training time.

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