3M™ P100 Particulate Filter 2091

  • NIOSH Approved Magenta Particulate Filters
  • Particulate filter for protection against both oil and non-oil based particles.
  • Oil And Non-Oil Based Particulate Contaminants
  • 3M™ Half And Full Facepiece Compatibility
  • Flame And Water Resistant

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3M™ respiratory particulate filter for protection against both oil and non-oil based particles.

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Breathe easy in areas containing both oil and non-oil based particles with 3M™ P100 Particulate Filter 2091. These NIOSH-approved filters save you space and money. They are sold by the pair and work with a variety of face masks in a wide rage of environments to protect you from some of the most common particulate contaminates.

Designed for both comfort and optimum functionality, these particulate filters contain lightweight advanced electret media. They are 99.97% affective against environments containing MDA, lead, arsenic, asbestos, and cadmium. Common industries that benefit from this type of filter include construction, welding and soldering, agriculture, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Use the 2091 particulate filter with both half face masks (for 10 times PEL) and full facepieces (for 50 times PEL). Use with your existing 6000, 7000 and FF-400 Series masks. Or use the 3M™ Adapter 502 to increase usability to your 3M™ Respirator 5000 Series and 3M™ Cartridge 6000 Series. There’s no need to train on new masks to take advantage of great respiratory protection.

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