3M™ P100 Particulate Filter 7093

  • NIOSH Approved Magenta For Particulates
  • Hard Enclosure For Protection Against Heat And Water
  • Spring Loaded Cover For Easier Seal Checks
  • Compatible With Both 3M™ Half And Full Face Masks
  • Protection In A Variety Of Work Environments

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3M™ respiratory filter cartridge for protection against oil and non-oil based particulates.

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If you remove lead paint, work in asbestos removal, or are on the job around other dusts and particles that threaten your respiratory health, the 3M™ P100 particulate filter 7093 is here to help. Keep those harmful substances out while letting clean air in. The 7093 protects both your airways and your filter.

This uniquely designed respirator particulate filter in enclosed in a hard shell. This protects the NIOSH approved filter inside from environments where heat, sparks, or water could cause damage. So, this particle filter will protect you longer on jobs like welding and soldering or harmful substance remediation.

The 3M™ P100 particulate filter 7093 provides respiratory protection from lead, asbestos, arsenic, MDA, and cadmium exposure. You can use this filter with both half (for 10 times PEL) and full (for 50 times PEL) face masks. 3M™ 5000 (with 502 adapter), 6000, 7000 and FF-400 series masks are compatible.

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