3M™ Rugged Comfort Quick Latch Half Respirator Mask 6502QL

  • Half Face Respiratory Protection
  • Comfortable Silicone Faceseal
  • Compatible With 3M™ Bayonet Filters
  • Convenient Quick Latch Mask Drop Down
  • Offers Durability And Long-Lasting Comfort
Medium NIOSH, 42 CFR 84 Each

$20.95 $18.95

3M™ Rugged Comfort Quick Latch reusable half face respirator mask.

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The 3M™ Rugged Comfort Quick Latch half respirator mask 6502QL offers you long-lasting, comfortable protection. Silicone construction with a spandex head harness is easy to wear on those long jobs. A quick latch makes it easy to drop down the facepiece without having to take it off or remove helmets.

Additional comfort is provided by a Cool Flow valve which removes heat and moisture making breathing easier. Twin bayonet connectors are compatible with a wide range of cartridges and filters. So, you can protect yourself from particulates, vapors, and gasses on the job.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 20.2 x 12 x 22.4 in





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