ESP Sorbents 5 Gallon Battery Acid Hazmat Kit MBSK-B5

  • For Toxic And Aggressive Chemical Spills
  • High-Performance Meltblown Sorbents
  • Ideal For Battery Acid Spill Cleanup
  • 5-Gallon Stay Dry Drum Storage
  • Portable And Compact
5 Gallon Each

$71.54 $55.00

Evolution Sorbent Products 5-gallon battery acid HazMat spill kit with meltblown sorbents.

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The ESP Sorbents 5 gallon battery acid hazmat kit MBSK-B5 is ideal for toxic and aggressive chemicals cleanup. High-performance meltblown sorbents quickly absorb battery acid, coolants, solvents and both oil and water-based fluids. So you are prepared to neutralize and dispose of various spills.

The 5-gallon drum is compact and portable making it easy to keep this battery acid spill kit nearby. Kit components stay clean and dry until you need them. They include acid/base neutralizers, 15 Pads, 3 – 3” x 4” Socks, a Tyvek hazmat suit, goggles, gloves, and a convenient temporary disposal bag.

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Battery Acid Spill

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