Gastec™ Nextteq® VeriFit® Irritant Smoke Generators 50811000-310N

  • Single Device, Ready-To-Use Test
  • Safe, Fast, Convenient, And Efficient
  • No Time-Wasting Setup Or Cleanup
  • Plastic Construction With Attached Bellows
  • OSHA Compliant
OSHA Compliant Each

$55.00 $46.50

Gastec™ Nextteq® VeriFit® ready-to-use irritant smoke generators for respirator fit testing. 10 count per box.

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Gastec™ Nextteq® VeriFit® irritant smoke generators 50811000-310N make accurate respirator fit testing incredibly simple. There are no batteries, mixing jars, nebulizers or other unnecessary parts. The convenient, small, glass-free ampule with attached bellows is all you need.

Irritant smoke gives you the peace of mind that your results are reliable. The small bellows reduce the chance of overexposure during testing. So, you save time and gain peace of mind. Consistently get quick, accurate respirator fit test results.

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