Honeywell North® 7700 Series Half Face Respirator Mask 7700-30M

  • Half Face Respiratory Protection
  • Comfortable Silicone Construction
  • Flexible Nose Bridge And Chin Support
  • Easily Converts To PAPR Or SAR
  • Compatible With N-Series Filters And Cartridges
Medium NIOSH Each

$30.00 $27.95

Honeywell North® 7700 series reusable half face respirator mask.

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The Honeywell North® 7700 series half face respirator mask 7700-30M is the benchmark of half face respiratory protection. High performance and superior comfort make this a great long wearing facepiece. Durable silicone is soft enough to get you a great fit and seal without sacrificing strength.

The head straps on the 7700-30M mask stretch and move with you while providing reliable, secure support. This half face respirator is compatible with N-series filters and cartridges, So, you can customize your protection from particulates, vapors, and gases as needed on your current job.

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Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 5.75 x 9 in





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