Honeywell North® Ammonia/Methylamine Cartridge N75004

  • NIOSH Approved Green For Ammonia And Methylamine
  • Lightweight And Low-Profile For Comfort
  • Respiratory Protection For A Variety Of Environments
  • For Honeywell North® Full And Half Face Masks
  • Color Coding For Quick, Easy ID

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Honeywell North® respiratory filter cartridge for protection against ammonia and methylamine.

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The Honeywell North® ammonia and methylamine cartridge N75004 provides the NIOSH-approved safety you need in a comfortable, versatile package. Use this respiratory cartridge with either half or full facepieces. Be prepared in areas where ammonia or methylamine threaten your respiratory health.

You can commonly encounter methylamine or ammonia when working with fertilizers, synthetic resins, rubber, petroleum, during dye production and more. If you encounter these respiratory hazards, the N75004 cartridge can keep you safe. The green label lets you quickly know you’re covered for these substances.

Honeywell North® 5500, RU8500, and 7700 series half masks and 5400, RU6500, and 7600 series full facepieces are all compatible with this ammonia and methylamine respirator cartridge. You don’t have to waste time guessing. Keep your inventory low while still getting the coverages you want.

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