Honeywell North® Butyl™ Rough Finish 11″ Gloves B131R

  • Black Unsupported Butyl Gloves
  • Cement Dipped Rough Finish
  • 11” Length Protection
  • Enhanced Grip
  • Chemical Resistance
ANSI/ISEA 105 - ASTM D3389-05, ANSI/ISEA 105 - ASTM F1790-97, OSHA Standard -29 CFR 1915.157 Pair

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Honeywell North® Butyl™ chemical resistant gloves with rough finish.

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Honeywell North® Butyl™ rough finish 11″ gloves B131R provide you with reliable protection from aggressive chemicals. Manufacturing, military, agriculture, petrochemical, and other job sites that might expose you to a range of acids, bases, and solvents are all a great match for these gloves.

Comfortable construction makes these the chemical resistant gloves you’ll want to wear. North® B131R gloves are designed with a more natural curved finger and hand for added comfort. They have a sanitized interior and rolled edge to stop any stray drips.

Butyl protects you from gas and water vapor and is also highly resistant to most ketones, and esters. It is more flexible than latex and stays supple from -30°C up to +50°C. A rough finish also makes for a sure grip. You keep what’s important in-hand in areas where moisture is a problem.

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