Honeywell North® Organic Vapor Cartridge /P100 Particulate Filter 7581P100L

  • NIOSH Approved Magenta/Black For Organic Vapors And Particulates
  • Lightweight And Low-Profile For Comfort
  • Minimum Particulate Filter Efficiency Of 99.97%
  • Honeywell North® Full And Half Mask Compatibility
  • Color Coding Makes ID Easy

$24.25 $22.60

Honeywell North® respiratory filter cartridge for protection against organic vapors and particulates.

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The Honeywell North® organic vapor cartridge and P100 particulate filter 7581P100L is effective, comfortable, and versatile. There’s no need to choose safety over convenience when you have an air-purifying filter that is made to provide both. Lightweight, low-profile, and color coded for safety, these respirator cartridges protect you in a wide range of work applications.

Maybe you’re handling fertilizers, adhesives, dry cleaning chemicals, or bleaching agents. From pharmaceutical manufacturing to the petrochemical industry, the Honeywell North® 7581P100L cartridge provides the protections you need. Color-coding makes grabbing the right filter for the job easy.

These organic vapor and particulate combination cartridges fit your Honeywell North® 5500, RU8500, and 7700 series half masks. 5400, RU6500, and 7600 series full facepieces are also fully compatible. Streamline your inventory and save time on training by sticking with these N series respirator cartridges.

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Weight .45 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 3 in

Black, Magenta, Magenta / Black


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Particulate Contaminants/Organic Vapor

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