RKI Demand Flow Regulator 81-1054RK

  • Demand Flow Gas Cylinder Regulator
  • On Demand Gas Flow Rate
  • Convenient CGA350 Connection
  • 34L Aluminum, 58L And 103L Aluminum Or Steel
  • Compatible With Disposable Cylinders


RKI demand flow calibration gas regulator with CGA350 connection.

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The RKI demand flow regulator 81-1054RK is designed to get you the right amount of gas needed by your specific RKI instrument. This saves you both time and gas. Examples of compatible monitors include the popular GX-2009 and Eagle gas monitors.

The 81-1054RK cylinder gas regulator has a CGA350 connection. This makes it compatible with many disposable gas cylinders. These include 34 L aluminum, and both 58 and 103 L steel and aluminum cylinders.

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