RKI SDM-2009 Calibration Station For GX-2009 81-SDM2009-01

  • No PC Required, Stand Alone Unit
  • Charge, Calibrate, And Bump Test
  • Optional Auto Calibration And Bump Test
  • GX-2009 Parameter Configuration
  • Archive Bump Test And Calibration Records


Stand alone calibration station for the RKI GX-2009.

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Automate the services of your portable gas monitor with the RKI SDM-2009 Calibration Station For GX-2009 81-SDM2009-01. With an informative display, automatic records storage, and an easy-to-use software interface, this docking station makes gas monitor maintenance easy. Use with or without a PC.

The RKI 81-SDM2009-01 gas monitor dock comes with all the accessories and features you need. There are three ports: calibration gas, fresh air, and exhaust. An AC Adaptor, flash drive, USB cable, tubing, and installation CD all come standard. Store up to 200 records on the unit or unlimited records on a flash drive or PC.

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