Scott 742 Series Acid Gas Cartridge/P100 Particulate Filter 7422-WB1

  • NIOSH Approved White/Magenta For Acid Gas And Particulates
  • Low-Profile Design To Stay Out Of Your Way
  • Easy Quarter Turn Bayonet-Style Installation
  • For Both Scott Full And Half Masks
  • Easy Breathing Design For Your Comfort

$28.00 $23.50

Scott Safety respiratory filter cartridge for protection against acid gases and particulates.

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Because there are just some things you don’t want in your lungs, the Scott 742 series acid gas cartridge P100 particulate filter 7422-WB1 is designed to protect you from both harmful fumes and airborne particles. You want to know you’re safe from the things in your environment you can and can’t see. Scott makes this easy with a simple to use, comfortable to wear cartridge.

The Scott 7422-WB1 combination respirator filter makes it easier to breathe and see on the job. A swept back design stays out of your field-of-view. Easy breathing makes for less fatigue. Best of all, you are protected from both acid gases and particulates with a variety of facepieces.

For respiratory protection against particulates, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, attach the 7422-WB1 cartridge directly to your Xcel or Promask 25 facepiece. Use a 742 adapter with your AV-series masks. Stay safe with Scott Safety.

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