Scott 742 Series P100 Particulate Filter 7422-FP1

  • NIOSH Approved Magenta For Particulates
  • Out Of The Way, Swept Back Design
  • Quick And Easy To Install Bayonet Connection
  • Compatible With Scott Half And Full Face Masks
  • Reduced Fatigue With Easy Breathing Design

$12.00 $9.95

Scott Safety respiratory filter cartridge for protection against particulates.

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The Scott 742 series P100 particulate filter 7422-FP1 keeps harmful particulates out of your airways so you can keep your mind on the job. Ensure your respiratory safety against common oil and non-oil based particulates. Rely on 99.97% filter efficiency to keep you safe.

Those dirty, dusty, dangerous projects are no match for the 7422-FP1 P100 filter. Have a remediation project in mind? Keep respiratory hazards like lead, asbestos, cadmium, arsenic, and MDA at bay. Whether you are processing metals or working in industrial manufacturing, you know you’re covered.

The Scott 7422-FP1 respirator particulate filter is conveniently compatible with XCEL halfmasks, Promask 25 full facepiece, and AV series masks (with a 742 quarter turn adapter). So, you can use the mask you already have and know how to use. Save yourself training time and money on excess inventory.

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