Scott AV3000® Full Face Respirator Facepiece 805773-82

  • Full Face Respiratory Protection
  • Use For APR, PAPR, SAR, SCBA, And CBRN
  • Be Heard With Voicemitter Technology
  • Dual Bayonet Style Connectors
  • Meets ANSI Safety Standards
Medium NIOSH, NFPA 1981:2007, CBRN Approved Each

$343.00 $319.00

Scott AV3000® reusable full face respirator mask with dual voicemitters, SureSeal, Kevlar, and gray nosecup.

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The Scott AV3000® full face respirator facepiece 805773-82 provides you with phenomenal performance over a wide range of respiratory safety applications. Use one mask for APR, PAPR, SAR, SCBA, and CBRN. That means one fit test and just one mask to train on saving you time and money.

Vocemitter technology promotes clear communication for added safety on the job. SureSeal gives you optimal fit and feel. The 6 point, quad adjustment Kevlar head net has a positioning tab for the perfect fit and quick donning. Bayonet connectors help you get the right combination of breathing protection.

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