Underwater Kinetics UK3AA eLED Flashlight CPO Tail Switch 10001

  • Superior, High-Efficiency LED Technology
  • Compact, Lightweight And Affordable
  • High Impact ABS, LEXAN® And PU Rubber
  • Waterproof For All-Weather Use
  • Class 1 Div 1 Intrinsically Safe
UL, Class I, Div. 1, Group A,B,C,D,E,F,G T4 Each

Underwater Kinetics compact eLED flashlight with CPO tail switch.

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For a reliable, take-anywhere flashlight, you can count on Underwater Kinetics UK3AA eLED flashlight CPO tail switch 10001. This LED flashlight is built with both convenience and rugged performance in mind. You get superior quality and durability in a package small enough to throw in your pocket.

Compound path optics (CPO) put high-efficiency power in the palm of your hand. Or, with a UK helmet clip, you can mount the 10001 flashlight and keep your hands free. The powerful beam will light your way or the job at hand without distracting anyone nearby.

Don’t let the small size fool you. This flashlight makes use of a sturdy build from high-quality materials and the latest technologies. A thermal recovery system and waterproof design give you the edge in any weather. An intrinsically safe rating means you’ve got dependable light even in hazardous settings.

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