Respirator and Respiaratory PPE Use Training (1/2 Day)

Length: 4 Hours

This 4 hour course covers the requirements for the establishment, maintenance, and monitoring of a respirator program. Topics include terminology, OSHA standards, NIOSH certification, and medical evaluation recommendations. Course features laboratories on self- contained breathing apparatus, respirator selection, respirator fit testing, and supplied-air respirator systems. Workshops are used to supplement classroom discussions of respirator selection and inspection procedures.

Respiratory Protection

Participation in the qualitative fit testing laboratory requires a medical approval to wear a full-mask air purifying (APR) respirator and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

All employees exposed to respiratory hazards requiring respirator use and managers of those employees.

Course Objectives: (Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to):

  • Identify and describe the major elements of a respiratory protection program following 29 CFR 1910.134
  • Discuss the technical aspects for the proper selection and use of respirators
  • Evaluate compliance with OSHA’s respiratory protection standard

Course Highlights

  • Laboratories on respirator selection
  • Qualitative fit testing
  • Use of a large array of respiratory and support equipment for hands-on training

Course Topics:

  • Terminology (.5 hour)
  • Supplied air respirators (.25 hour)
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus (.25 hour)
  • Respirator fit testing (.5 hour)
  • Respirator selection (.5 hour)
  • Maintenance and care (.5 hour)
  • Medical evaluations (.5 hour)
  • Training and information (.5 hour)
  • Respirator use (.5 hour)
Respiratory Protection