Safety Equipment Rental

Essential Safety Products provides certified safety equipment rental throughout the United States. We serve the Rocky Mountain Region with three locations; Denver and Pueblo, Colorado, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Pick-up is available at any of our locations if you are within driving range. If you prefer to have your rental equipment delivered we offer shipment and on-site delivery, which can be arranged for a small delivery or travel fee.

All of our equipment receives consistent maintenance and an in-depth inspection prior to rental and on return. If you’re in need of winches, ventilators, VOC monitors, SCBA’s, or any other type of safety equipment, then we’ve got it covered.

Rental Item Pricing

Item Description Daily Weekly Monthly
Scott Air Pack 30-minute SCBA w/carry case $65 $185 $565
Scott AV3000 Facepiece $15 $45 $160
Scott 30-Minute Cylinder, Carbon $25 $75 $225
Scott 60-Minute Cylinder, Carbon $25 $75 $225
Scott 5-Minute ELSA Emergency Escape Pack $35 $105 $315
Scott 10-Minute ELSA Emergency Escape Pack $35 $105 $315
Scott Ska-Pak Supplied Air Pack w/5-minute cylinder, Hansen $35 $105 $300
Scott Ska-Pak AT Supplied Air Pack w/10-minute cylinder, Hansen, Exofit Harness $45 $135 $405
Scott 1-4 Person Airline Manifold w/1-2 cylinders breathing air $100 $300 $1300
Refill of Breathing Air Cylinders $15 Per Unit
Maintenance Fee for All Respiratory Rentals $25 Per Unit
Item Description Daily Weekly Monthly
RKI GX-2009 4-gas Monitor w/AC charger, case $55 $135 $405
RKI GX-2012 4-gas Monitor w/AC charger, 10′ sample tubing, case $55 $135 $405
BW GasAlert MAX XT II 4-gas Monitor w/AC charger, 10′ sample tubing, case $55 $135 $405
RAE Systems MultiRae Lite Monitor, LEL/CO/H2S/O2/SO2 $75 $260 $780
RKI SC-01 Single Gas Monitor, Chlorine(CL2) $45 $125 $395
RKI Eagle 2 Monitor, LEL/CO/H2S/O2/SO2/PID $85 $270 $810
Rae Systems MultiRae Monitor, LEL/CO/H2S/O2/PID $85 $270 $810
Rae Systems MiniRae 2000 PID $85 $270 $810
Rae Systems MiniRae Lite PID/CO2 $85 $270 $810
Rae Systems PPB Rae PID $85 $270 $810
Ion Science PhoCheck 5000 PID $85 $270 $810
Reed Sound level Datalogger w/software, case $25 $75 $225
Reed Sound level Meter w/software, case $25 $75 $225
OHD Quantifit 3000 Fit Tester with case, keyboard, tubing, and trigger $150 $450 $1350
OHD Quantifit 3000 Adapter Kit $22 $65 $195
Item Description Daily Weekly Monthly
DBI/SALA 120′ SalaLift II Personnel Winch $55 $165 $495
DBI/SALA 50′ Sealed SRL w/Emergency Retrieval $60 $180 $540
DBI/SALA 50′ Sealed SRL $40 $120 $360
DBI/SALA 50′ Ultra-Lok SRL $40 $120 $360
DBI/SALA 30′ Ultra-Lok SRL $35 $105 $315
DBI/SALA 20′ Ultra-Lok SRL $30 $90 $270
DBI/SALA 7′ Aluminum Tripod $40 $120 $360
Protecta 7′ Aluminum tripod $40 $120 $360
Miller 50′ SRL $40 $120 $360
Miller 7′ Aluminum Tripod $40 $120 $360
DBI/SALA EZ-Line 60′ Horizontal Lifeline System $60 $180 $540
DBI/SALA Boatswain Chair w/belt and floating D-Ring $25 $75 $225
DBI Advanced Digital 100 60′ Personnel Winch $55 $165 $495
DBI Advanced 10′ Tripod $55 $165 $495
DBI Advanced 33″ Lower Mast $30 $90 $270
DBI Advanced 12-29″ Adjustable Offset Upper $100 $300 $900
DBI Advanced 3-Piece Base $30 $90 $270
DBI Advanced 45″ Lower Mast $35 $105 $315
DBI Advanced 24-42″ Adjustable offset Upper $120 $360 $1080
DBI Advanced Expandable 3-Piece Base $35 $105 $315
DBI Advanced Extensions for 3-Piece base $20 $60 $180
DBI Advanced Barrel Mount Clamp Base $60 $180 $540
DBI Advanced Hitch Mount Base $30 $90 $270
DBI Advanced 24″ Manhole Collar Base $40 $120 $360
DBI Advanced Pole Hoist w/Stabilizer T-Bar $60 $180 $540
Item Description Daily Weekly Monthly
SuperVac 110VAC Blower w/25′ Ducting $35 $90 $270
SuperVac 12VDC Blower w/25′ Ducting $35 $90 $270
Allegro 110VAC Blower w/25′ Ducting $35 $90 $270
AirSystems 10VAC Blower w/25′ Ducting $35 $90 $270

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Terms & Conditions: Limited availability on some items, pricing subject to change at any time. All rental equipment has been inspected by a factory trained technician at time of rental. Maintenance and/or parts charges will apply to any rental equipment returned in unsatisfactory condition. Customer is responsible for any parts and labor charges associated with repairs or recertifications of rental equipment. Maintenance fee is automatically charged for all respiratory rental equipment. All retractables will automatically be charged a maintenance fee if the equipment has been impacted. Additional maintenance fees and/or cleaning fees may be applied if technician deems necessary due to abnormal use and/or abuse.

Wide Selection In Stock

Our safety equipment rental inventory includes respiratory devices, gas monitors, blowers, confined space entry gear, and more. Some of our selection includes:

  • Multi-Gas Monitors
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • SRLs’, Winches, and Tripods
  • Industrial Hygiene Equipment
  • Supplied Air Breathing Systems
  • VOC Monitors (PID’s)

Flexible Rental Terms

With daily, weekly, and monthly rates, we have flexible terms for your convenience. Whether you need equipment for a month-long job, or an emergency came up and you just need it for the day, just let us know and we can accommodate. With repairs and maintenance being so costly, it makes sense to rent instead of own expensive specialized safety equipment. Complete a credit application to apply for an account with us, or just fill out an authorization form for one-time safety equipment rental.

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Attention To Detail

Essential Safety Products has been in the safety industry for nearly six decades so that we can provide the best safety equipment rental in the business. Renting from us means a safer workplace for your employees, and you can trust everything is in top shape. Every single part undergoes a rigorous multi-point inspection program by one of our trained certified specialists.

Safety Equipment Rental You Can Trust

With locations in Denver, Pueblo, and Albuquerque, Essential Safety Products is one of the leading safety equipment rental providers in the Rocky Mountain Region and the USA. We stay up to date on OSHA regulations, and we want you to know that your safety is our top priority. Contact us today for a quote, and we’ll provide all the specialized safety equipment you need to get the job done right.